Leadership Risk

What’s the Problem?

Operational, financial, technical and reputational crises are caused by unconscious patterns of derailment in our own leadership. This can lead to a supine culture: more of the same, team dysfunction, inertia, paralysis and eventually, possible failure - both personal and organisational.

A leader is ultimately accountable whether at board or team level. Together we enquire into the balance of power, your engagement in adapting to evolving conditions, to build for success. We run a real risk of turning a blind eye, becoming fossilised, institutionalised or even clichéd within ever increasing fast-moving, complex and potentially isolating environments - which has a huge cost.


What’s the Solution?

We work with you as a leader to help you recognise your derailment drivers. We unearth unconscious and entrenched mental patterns to exponentially expand your level of awareness and impact.

Narcissism, omnipotence and impotence, paralysis, avoidance, overdrive and addiction are but some of the traits we often have to deal with on a personal basis, particularly in pressurised environments.

Our work aims to cause a paradigm shift in your perspective, in your creativity and ultimately in your impact as a leader.