“You possess a rare ability to discern my hiccups and an even rarer ability to point them out in a way that avoids too defensive a reaction from me.”

Keith Griffiths
Chairman, AEDAS

"Teresa Casal has achieved a lot in her life-she has great professional experience and insight. But crucially, she marries her knowledge with kindness and humility. She has a non-judgmental attitude and her thinking is nimble and flexible. She has a way of getting to the heart of the matter."

Sam Semple
Singer - songwriter

"I have had the fortune to have worked with Teresa for over two years now in her capacity as an Executive Coach and she would be able to transform my state where others could not. I am extremely stubborn and am at times my own worst enemy. From within this context Teresa helped me created a balanced and holistic approach to success within life (both professional and personal) when my strategies were failing me. Teresa uncovers my power such that I am able to empower myself from within, giving me the tools for me to be my own coach.

Teresa gives unreservedly such that time stops still and focus is unparalleled. In this way she is effective to a level that other coaches cannot reach in a professional setting".

Mandeep Rai
Journalist, Broadcaster, Social Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

"Thank you very much for the coaching sessions I've had with you during a difficult period. Your exploratory methods helped me understand and pin-point the causes of my insecurities as a leader and advisor, while encouraging me to explore even further beneath. You helped me explore the drivers for my actions and come up with insights that have made me comfortable in my own skin as a leader and advisor. What was rare for me from a coach was the level of empathy and knowledge you possessed stemming, I expect, from your own business experience in the cut-throat world of finance".

A testimonial from a client, a former top management executive in fertillisers and petrochemicals, currently managing a strategy consulting firm.

Vivek Y. Kelkar
Director, Earthstrat Consulting

"Teresa is a bright, focused, compassionate and lively advisor who will not hesitate to challenge and is exceptionally generous in her support. Most of all I value Teresa’s reflective and challenging exploration on the journey to self-awareness. Her discipline and commitment to dedicate time to understand her own leadership shadow have matured and balanced her style and made her a powerful driver of excellence and leadership in others. Her selfless drive extends to organisational change and sustainable growth. Working with Teresa has been a compassionate and fearless encounter devoted to authenticity, accountability and best practice".

Erik de Haan
Ashridge Business School – Director of Ashridge Centre for Coaching, Ashridge Business School, UK.

"Teresa Casal has given my feeling of self-worth a complete 360 turnaround, going from my strong tendency to undervalue myself, to a feeling that I'm damn well worth it. Her way of speaking makes me break through my barriers and restraints, and be the best I can be. She leaves me with a feeling of I am capable and powerful, world come at me."

Mikkel Toftgaard Gregersen
Executive Chef /Founder, Oekse a dining project

"Whilst working with Teresa as an executive coach, I was deeply impressed by the strength and depth of her analytical capabilities. Her coaching helped me significantly to strengthen my management skills and get a new and better understanding of my career opportunities and transition."

Senior Executive, Banking

"I first worked with Teresa at Banif Bank in London, where she managed the front office trade finance and forfaiting team. Teresa is not only one of the best relationship-driven sales oriented professionals I have worked with but she is also an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated leader. Subsequently boosting her skill-set and embracing coaching allowed her to expand her leadership contribution towards the development of high impact, fulfilled and enriched lives and careers. I am privileged to count on Teresa not only as a great friend but also as a coach."

Duarte Pedreira
International Trade Credit at AIG

"Teresa Casal, for me, is the ultimate compassionate leader. She doesn't shy away from any challenge, personal or professional, however hard or uncomfortable. This, above anything else, is what makes her a superb coach. She has been, and is willing to go, to where her clients need and want to go.

She brings endless compassion to everything she does as well as a vast life and professional experience. And she has a strong mission - to transform that banking industry.

Whatever your goals and challenges are, when you start working with Teresa, you'll feel 100% supported and empowered to move to the next level. "

Nitzan Marinov
Senior Business Analyst, London

“Teresa Casal is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant intellects I ever met in banking and coaching. Since the day we met in overcrowded Hong Kong we have remained friends and she remains my best source of professional advice whenever I need it. Her record of professional success and achievement is too long for me to do it justice here.

She possesses a strong sense of justice and precise powers of analysis, incisive judgement and inexhaustible stores of information. The best tribute to her powers as a coach is the long list of her students who have gained distinction throughout the world.”

Donatella Oliboni.
Chairman, HKFFIA - The Hong Kong Foreign Financial Institutions Association