I work at the edge with skills I’ve honed in complex, multicultural, fast-evolving corporate environments for over 20 years. I know that these highly pressurised, political, competitive, inequitable environments are in need of seismic change. With an MSc in human and organisational behaviour coupled with training from top influencers in the field of psychoanalysis, I focus on rewiring for excellence and work with your commitment to wellbeing and sustainability. You, in turn, have an impact at a personal, organisational and societal level.

We do this on a one-to-one basis, informed by a humanistic and relational approach; valuing Carl Rogers‘ work on “unconditional positive regard”. This is underpinned by the grist of critical and strategic thinking. We also offer consulting services to organisations, working at team level.


As an executive coach I am accredited with a Masters from Ashridge Business School. We adhere to a Code of Conduct. My colleagues are executive coaches who are equally accredited and highly experienced. Our learning and training is, and will always be, an ongoing process.

"One or two critical strategic decisions can literally make or break a company. Good strategic thinking is also rare and difficult. Sometimes the decision-making process is risky and lonely, and an executive can often use a trusted adviser- someone who is not inside the organisation"
-B. Peltier (2010)


Neuroscience teaches us the plasticity of our brain is infinite. This is relevant for you as a leader and highlights the importance of your executive development.

Our work is geared to evolve with you as a high performing leader. To cause a new archetype by working with ambiguity and the unknown; a new perspective, a new connection and communication reflecting your sharper level of awareness and focus. This catapults you into new actions, innovation, creativity and bottom line organisational performance.

Through our work we can cause a transformative shift in your impact as a leader in our unrelenting commitment, drive and passion to make a difference to you - to your level of integrity, your accountability and your responsibility to your organisation and community.


We are transformational agents.

We work with you because you are committed to your own evolution as a human being. You are impelled to delve into your own vulnerability as an individual and as a leader. You work to understand critical drivers of imbalance, nurture your rebalance and create profound impact by opening personal, team, management and board dynamics.

Your ongoing development as a top management executive lies at the heart of our work. Making an impact and the difference is who we are.